Testimonials & Feedback

“I have been working with Allstar for the past 6 years, since 2007. Our condominium building has 6 units, ranging in size from approximately 1,000 square feet to nearly 6,000 square feet of indoor living space. They are consistently courteous, professional, accessible, and efficient and customer-service oriented. Their responses are timely — without exception. My experiences have been the same whether I am living in my condominium full time or part time. Jeff and Susan stay personally involved; they are reliable, dependable and provide well-researched solutions. They schedule regular maintenance and keep the building in good condition pro-actively. They have guided the resolution of larger issues such as leaks that damaged multiple units with timely, good results and follow-up on simple requests like changing light bulbs located in high ceilings almost before I can press send in an email or hang-up the phone. Simply put, they are always available, their follow through is exceptional and they are fair, customer-oriented and treat their properties as if they were their own.”

– President, Owners Association
Ketchum, Idaho

“We have been working with Allstar Properties for close to a year now. My limited experience has been really great and from speaking with other owners –all have said their response to any problem whether individual or association has been FAST, EFFICIENT AND TO THE POINT–they also go above and beyond in researching stuff that is in the best interest of the complex. Please feel free to have anyone call me should they wish more information.”

– Director, Home Owners Association
Ketchum, Idaho

“I was referred to Jeff by a long-time friend CPA in the Wood River Valley. We are an out of area property owner that needed to hire a professional full service property management company to not only oversee our real estate holdings in the area, but create value by garnering quality tenants. Jeff and his staff have been a pleasure to work with through our three year business relationship. They are cost conscientious and prompt in providing answers to any questions or information that you may need. Also, Jeff was open minded in listening to other alternatives on how our experiences/relationships worked with other property managers to develop a working model with our expectations. Businesses that would benefit from their services are Investors, Bank Special Asset Departments, Other out of area property managers, Accountants—they have clients that may want full service property managers, etc…”

– Real Estate Investor
Boise, Idaho

“I have always enjoyed working with Jeff and Susan. I especially like the new accounting and remittance notices.”

– Real Estate Investor
Clearwater, Florida

“Working with AllStar Properties has been extremely forthright and painless. They have managed the property with sound financial actions and have presented ideas which were beneficial to the ease of First and First in Ketchum. Security issues have been taken care of immediately (plus correcting my cutting the exterior sprinkler system line while attempting to garden). They initiated a “reserve fund” which actually covered the annual cost of living increase; however, our group increased their proposal by a couple of percent so we wouldn’t have to have annual cash calls to cover increased expenses for vendor services. This has worked out beyond our imagination and has made ownership delightful as a condo owner. The team is definitely responsible and responsive to the buildings owner’s requests. I recommend them with trust.”

– Vice President, Owners Association
Haverford, Pennsylvania

“My experience with All Star properties has been excellent. They’re diligent with respect to day to day maintenance and they’re especially responsive to on site property matters. This past winter our property had a problem with frozen pipes. I called All Star and they we on top of the issue immediately even though it was during the evening on a weekend. They worked on the problem with the outside plumber until the problem was completely solved. Their response time was exceptional and they were really easy to work with and accommodating. I would recommend them highly.”

– Real Estate Investor, Home Owners Association
Honolulu, Hawaii

“Jeff has been managing our commercial building in Ketchum for more than 10 years. He is a detail, follow-through guy. I now have such confidence in Jeff that I only visit the area because I want to. The building is perfectly maintained and always fully leased to Class A tenants.”

– Owner, F. Jones
Ketchum, Idaho